Download Subway Surfer 2015 by Keyboard for PC Full with Cheats for Free

History of Subway Surfers Game :

Subway Surfers game is founded or owned by Kiloo Games and the main concept and development of this game is behind them only. I heartily thanks Kiloo Game for this really awesome and enjoyable game.

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Everyone has played Subway surfer in Andriod and i-pad or i-phone.  Here is the Andriod Game

But Now the Subway Surfer is in PC so love it and Enjoy it.Share it if you Like.
Subway Surfers is really a probably the most popular video games in android app shop. It's been rated 4.5/5 and contains a lot more than 2 million votes. It's a fascinating game where we set you back evade from the cop.  We also need to collect coins along our long haul to complete missions. The majority of the android & ios customers have this game within their devices. Therefore, to play this sport in pc a lot of us use Bluestacks App installer or some other android emulators which needs graphic cards unless you have one it'll suck your RAM and bodily memory and will create a system hang.

In this post, exe edition of Subway Surfers sport.
It isn't Bluestacks or any android emulator. It is possible to directly run it in virtually any Windows program without installing it. Simply run the .exe document to start out the game. It'll be difficult to play the overall game using mouse. So, I've included an AutoHotkey script to perform using keyboard.

How to Install Subway Surfer 2015 by Keyboard for PC:

  1. Extract the Game - Subway
  2. Install "AutoHotkey.exe"
  3. Open "Subsurf.exe" (AutoHotkey File - 'H - Icon')
  4. Now Open the Game - "Subway_Surfers.exe"
  5. Note: To close the Hot Key script you're running, after stopping playing, look at your system tray (near the clock) for an icon which has an "H", right-click it and press "Exit". 
Watch out Video about How to install:

I think you don't got it how to install Subway surfer.So let me show you by Images Step-by-Step :

Step 1 - Download Subway from mediafire site. Click here to Download 
Step 2 - Extract it by Right Clicking it or by Opening it in Winrar or winzip and Extract here.

Step 3 : Then go to Folder to Play with Keyboard and Run the Autohotkey.exe and Install it.Then allow and Choose Express Installation as I recommend.

Step 4 : Then Run the Autohotkey Software and a H symbol will appear near clock.

 Step 5 : Then visit back to Subway surfer Folder and Start Subway Surfer. Go to INPUT and Change the Control what ever You want and then Click on play.

Game controls Default after running AUTOHOTKEY:
  • Up     To make a Jump
  • Down     To roll along tracks
  • Left     To move the character left
  • Right     To move the character right
  • Space     To launch hoverboard
  • ESC     To quit the game
To unlock all characters(subway surfer Cheats for PC):

  • You will lose your existing saved game. So, back up your saved data file from C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Kiloo Games\ 
  • Just keep a copy of the Subway Surf folder.

Note: AppData is a hidden folder. So, to make it visible do the following

  1. Windows 7 & 8 users : My computer → Organize → Folder and search options → view → Hidden files and folders → Show hidden files, folders, and drives → OK
  2. Windows XP users : My computer → Tools → Folder options → view → Hidden files and folders → Show hidden files, folders, and drives → OK
  3.     To unlock all characters just replace the Subway Surf folder in the above path with the one in the Unlock All Characters folder.
  4.     You will also get 10000 coins, 1600 hoverboards, 240 headstarts (250), 150 headstarts (1000) and full status for all upgrades.
  5.     Replace the folder with your backup folder to go back to your previously saved state.

Important note:

  1. After playing the game, don't forget to quit the script.
  2. To quit the script right click the Subway Surfers icon in the notification area then select exit or simply press ctrl+shift+E.
  3. This cause problem like some keys stop working like spacebar and other arrows key. So exit it from system tray(near Clock).
Download Mirrors for Subway Surfers for PC:
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