Facebook Page Verification trick or method also submission URL or Link everyone need now days, Get Verified logo for your business page or fan page not easy, If you know right method for send or Submit a Facebook fan page for verification than you can easily get verifies logo, This social site always changing or update there terms and policy, Now days its verifying peoples account and pages for more identity proof,  
Facebook is free site using internet connection everyone can make Facebook profile easily without giving any identity proof, So people are making unlimited fake profile and fake pages of celebrities, Plays, singers, Politicians, Actors and most popular peoples, So after this against peoples appearing this problem that which is right or official page or profile of that celebrity,actor or any players,  So get ride on this problem people this social networking site launch this program and now its very useful for all.

How Can I Verify My Facebook Business page?

You know every social networking site’s are now a part of online marketing, Now days every social site are getting big percentage of advertisement, They earning much money by promote your online business, Facebook is top on this list, Its also against to Google in make money, Actually Facebook is world wide site, Most people using daily there account, So its biggest choice of online marketers,  If you wanna get ride on Marketing than you must create a business page and after than verifies it without verifies your business page not look professional, I wanna say you that Business page is easily verifying now days, If are you promoting your Business using Business page by there premium service  than they will quickly verify. So its also benefits for you if are you using business page.
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Requirement for Verify Facebook Page For Logo

Before you Submit your fb fan page for Verification you must know some there requirement, Actually its must need a professional look, So fb don’t accept any half information’s page, They need to verify complete page with the right information and your own Facebook page cover and profile picture, Also need complete information about your work or business, Right working contact information also many, So first you must complete requirement for verification a fb page reading below article.

How many Likes Need For Facebook page Verification

Many people think that Submit before Verification a Facebook page need more likes, Actually some are thinking like 100k but I wanna say you that Likes are not issued for Facebook page Verification There are no one any likes requirement submit a page for Verification, So don’t worry you can send or submit verification request on any likes but must be above 5k likes because it look favorable.

Video Tutorial For Facebook Page Verification

Guy, we are trying to share complete steps with proper supporting screen shot, May be you will not get any problem to complete this method, If you are unable to complete this method then please watch our YouTube video tutorial for this, and understand with better.

How to Submit My Facebook Page for Verification Get Verified Logo

Before are you going deep in this tutorial i wanna give you some information that now days Facebook is only giving this feature for biggest celebrity and players, and politicians, But you can verify by Submitting a business page by advertising issue,  using this method we are about introducing our business page problem before promote, Actually we say that I  need to verify my fob business page before promoting this

  • First, you Must Go To this Link
  • Personalized Support For New Advertisers.

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  • Now Fill Your Name, Email and all Information.

Facebook Page Verification trick method image photo

  • Email must be professional, like

Facebook Page Verification trick method image photo
  • Then click on Submit and done.
  • Just ask to Facebook That before Choosing Advertising program i wanna Verify my Page.
  • Without verifying or verification I can’t buy Advertising from Facebook.
  • After this Facebook will contact you for verifying.

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