Lazykali Introduction and Installation | Installation of LazyKali on Kali Linux | Installation of Hackpack:

LazyKali is an awesome script written in bash shell. It can automate the whole update and install new tools in your hack repository. As the name suggests, you can get all the updates on Kali Linux and your repositories in one place by running this script. Please read the description of the project here to know what tools are there that are going to be added when you run the script.

Installation of LazyKali on Kali Linux:

1. Download the Lazy Kali Script into it’s own directory

Root terminal

mkdir lazykali


Downloads Tab > LazyKali


*******Downloading*** you run lazykali from the directory where it was downloaded.

Save File



****Make the Script executable*****

chmod +x


2. Change Directory and then run Lazy Kali.

cd lazykali



cd into lazy kali

Script will confirm that it’s installed.

script installed

       ***Menu of lazykali***


  Option -> 1) Update kali to Update Kali Linux. 

·         Option->  2) Metasploit Services
·         Option-> 4) EXPLOITDB
      Option->  5) Sniffing and Spoofing
 (Note this subsection has multiple entries – schedule some time, to install each tool separately.)
      Sub-Option ->1) Yamas  (Image Sniffing And Spoofing Tool )
·         Sub-Option -> 3) PwnStar
·         Sub-Option-> 6) Hamster
·         Option-> 6) Install Extra’s
·         This is the critical section 6, that you’re all looking for – as it includes Flash, Ettercap, Nautilus and Java.

·         You can install them separately or Option 17 – ALL.  I opted to install them separately, to double check for errors before proceeding.

    Installation of Hackpack:
  è  Download Hackpack zipped file from following link:
  è goto terminal and type following command to unzip the file:
                 tar -zxvf hackpack.tar.gz
  è  Open Hackpack directory and follow readme file for installation.

        Hackpack menu:

       Click on Applications on the top left corner of Kali Desktop and you will find Hackpack tab.



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